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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

I'm Annie Tohill, an animation student and cartoonist based in Virginia Beach and Northern Virginia.

Although traditional handdrawn animation is my one true love, I enjoy working in all animation mediums. I also am proficient with effects work and compositing in After Effects.


Deepak Bhagy

Personal info

Annie Tohill

Birthday: 11 MAY 1996
E-mail: annietheanimator@gmail.com
Art Tumblr: www.luthienartist.tumblr.com


Know more about my past


  • Summer 2016

    Communications Fellow @ RespectAbility USA

    At RespectAbility I work to reduce the stigma surrounding disability by creating videos and other media, including graphic design and articles. I also have publicized RespectAbility's initiatives on social media, including the recent white paper on criminal justice reform and disability. You can see all of my work for RespectAbility here.

  • 2014-future

    Character Deisgn and Animation @ Regent University

    To date, I have worked on three short films at Regent. Two of these were a collaboration with other students on the film series Chronicles of Christ, one was a mock title sequence which incorporated traditional animation and 3D assets, and one was an independent project based on a nursery rhyme. I designed assets in Illustrator and animated in After Effects for all these projects. For Chronicles of Christ I also created effects in After Effects. For the independent project, I drew storyboards and mixed sound.

  • 2014

    Assistant Statue Restorer @ Seton High School

    I co-restored an antique wooden statue with a master statue conservationist within two weeks. I mixed paint and applied it to the statue with the goal of deepening shadows and highlights. I also designed patterns for painting on the statue and applied gold leaf.


  • 2014 - present

    Regent University @Bachelor of Arts

    I am currently studying animation at Regent University in Virginia Beach. The program focuses on both 2D and 3D programs, as well as traditional art and design.

  • 2010-2014

    Seton High School @ passed

    Seton High School is a private Catholic institution based in Manassas, Virginia. Their curriculum focuses on the liberal arts, with am emphasis on writing, critical thinking, and history.

Skills & Things about me

After Effects


My latest projects

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Drawing Samples

High contrast black and white drawing of a human skull, in profile view.
Study of a Skull. Conte. August 2016.

Pencil drawing that features a ballerina in shadow, lit by light in the top right.

Ballet Dancer Value Exploration. Pencil. February 2016.

Black and white drawing of a mirror, a cylinder, a pine cone, and a second cylinder.

Still life value exploration. Conte. November 2014.

Black and white continuous line drawing of a still life featuring a plant, a loom with a draped scarf, other fabric, and a skull.

Still Life Continuous Line. September 2014.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


RespectAbility logo: Respect stacked above Ability in a bold font. Respect is blue on a white background. Ability is white in a boxed in blue background. A red triangular stripe is between them.

During the summer of 2016, I worked at RespectAbility as a communications fellow, with a focus on graphic design and video. These are the highlights of my work.


Editing and closed captions. July 2016.

Editing and closed captions. July 2016.

Editing and open captions. July 2016.

Graphic Design

Six boxes in a row with arrows flowing from each one to demonstrate the theory of change. Each box has a color fill, and the gif cycles through each one. Box 1 (blue): Problem. Box 2 (navy blue): Input. Box 3 (mint green): Activities. Box 4 (yellow): Output. Box 5 (orange): Outcomes. Box 6 (red): Impact.Theory of Change graphic. Graphic design. June 2016.

Simple graphic of a person in a wheelchair, similar to the handicap symbol, holding a rectangular ballot about to place it in the ballot booth. The person is blue. The wheelchair and ballot are red. The side of the ballot booth is blue, the top is red, and the interior is white. It has red and blue legs.
Logo for event "Campaign 2016 and People with Disabilities: Enabling Access and Opportunities for All". Graphic design. July 2016.


RNC Delegates with Disabilities Talk Accessibility. The RespectAbility Report. July 2016.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Katie and Roland Title Sequence

The following is a mock title sequence I created for Katie and Roland, a project that I hope to develop in the future. The map was created in Photoshop and Krita. The animation was created primarily in TV Paint, with the exception of the dragon, which was animated in After Effects. The title sequence was composited in After Effects.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016 Demo Reel

All clips used are from 2015 and 2016 and were created in After Effects or TV Paint.

  1. Anime Reaction Shot. Jesus Walks on Water. Regent University. Character design and animation. After Effects.
  2. Nebula. Light in the Darkness. Regent University. Stars, nebula, and 3D camera. After Effects.
  3. Jesse and Naomi title. Jesse and Naomi Trailer. Regent University. Animation. After Effects.
  4. Roland. Katie and Roland Title Sequence. Regent University. Character design and animation. TV Paint.
  5. Zoom in on Map. Katie and Roland Title Sequence. Regent University. Map design and animation, 3D camera. After Effects.
  6. Katie and Dragon. Katie and Roland Title Sequence. Regent University. Character design and animation, masks. TV Paint and After Effects.
  7. Katie and Roland Title. Katie and Roland Title Sequence. Regent University. Fire VFX and particle systems. After Effects.
  8. Lotte Reiniger Animates Shadow Puppets. Lotte Reiniger Tribute. Regent University. Hand design, color correction, and animation. After Effects.
  9. Zoom Through Space. Light in the Darkness. Regent University. Stars, asset placement, and 3D camera.
  10. Star Movement Test. Light in the Darkness. Regent University. Stars and camera. 
  11. Dragon Iris Wipe. Katie and Roland Title Sequence. Regent University. Character design and animation, masks. TV Paint and After Effects.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Painting Samples

A selection of traditional and digital paintings.

Tree watercolor and gauche. April 2014.

Cecil and Carlos from Welcome to Night Vale. Pen and ink with digital water color. May 2016. 

Cat character design. Digital ink and watercolor. January 2015.

Japanese brush painting. December 2013.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

2D Design Projects

This is a collection of projects created for a 2D design class.

2015 Comic Collection

Below are a few of my favorite comics I drew in 2015.

Ninja Masterson is an original character who I hope to develop for a long form webcomic in the future.

1960's Robin's pantyhose are a bit ridiculous for crimefighting.

This isn't strictly a comic, but I needed a motivational sign for my own Batcave.


What can I do

Adobe Creative Suite

I have extensive experience in most of the Adobe Suite programs, in particular Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, and Illustrator.


I am an experienced artist and am proficient both in cartooning and more realistic styles, including drawing from observation.


As an animator, I'm experienced both in traditional animation and more limited animation. As a traditional animator, I have focused on learning the twelve fundamentals. For examples of my work, see my demo reel.

After Effects

Out of all the Adobe programs, I know After Effects the best. I am proficient in motion graphics, character animation, and VFX.


I am experienced both in taking photographs and editing them in Photoshop. For examples of my work, see this post.


If I don't know how to use a certain program or tool, I am able to quickly learn new skills on my own.


Get in touch with me