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Sunday, August 7, 2016


RespectAbility logo: Respect stacked above Ability in a bold font. Respect is blue on a white background. Ability is white in a boxed in blue background. A red triangular stripe is between them.

During the summer of 2016, I worked at RespectAbility as a communications fellow, with a focus on graphic design and video. These are the highlights of my work.


Editing and closed captions. July 2016.

Editing and closed captions. July 2016.

Editing and open captions. July 2016.

Graphic Design

Six boxes in a row with arrows flowing from each one to demonstrate the theory of change. Each box has a color fill, and the gif cycles through each one. Box 1 (blue): Problem. Box 2 (navy blue): Input. Box 3 (mint green): Activities. Box 4 (yellow): Output. Box 5 (orange): Outcomes. Box 6 (red): Impact.Theory of Change graphic. Graphic design. June 2016.

Simple graphic of a person in a wheelchair, similar to the handicap symbol, holding a rectangular ballot about to place it in the ballot booth. The person is blue. The wheelchair and ballot are red. The side of the ballot booth is blue, the top is red, and the interior is white. It has red and blue legs.
Logo for event "Campaign 2016 and People with Disabilities: Enabling Access and Opportunities for All". Graphic design. July 2016.


RNC Delegates with Disabilities Talk Accessibility. The RespectAbility Report. July 2016.


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